søndag den 21. februar 2010

Staying analog in a digital domain

Got this picture from a client, who has modified his digital amplifier with Duelund inductors, cable and capacitors:

Apparently, the improvements are in the substantial category. :)

søndag den 14. februar 2010

New group for the blog


I've created a more user friendly group for the blog on audioevo.

Audioevo is quickly becoming the Facebook of audio, if you will. I hope you'll all join in the fun!

søndag den 7. februar 2010

30 + 1

Since, our co-founder turns 31 tomorrow February 8th, we might be a little slow on the mails, as we've decided to spend most of the day telling him how old age is surely catching up with him.

Take care!

torsdag den 4. februar 2010

Merlin and Duelund equal something good.

First user review of Duelund equipped Merlin loudspeakers has surfaced on the web:

Seems rather positive to us...