lørdag den 31. juli 2010

New Dealership in Carlsbad California

We are very pleased to announce that Mr. Rick Brown of HIFI ONE in Carlsbad in the state of California has decided to include our line of components within the HIFI ONE family.

Anybody, who has ever had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Brown, understands what a deeply professional and dedicated individual he is. He does not choose to offer any products to his clients - unless certain they will yield considerable and consistent improvements to their system.

Thus, we are proud that our products now feature on the shelfs of HIFI ONE.

For further info please visit: http://site.rbhifi1.com/

fredag den 30. juli 2010

Inductor 8 AWG

Recent photo of two 8 AWG inductors as you can probably see, they are quite large...

However, they are sound wise even more spectacular.

Look to a certain company in Southern Germany for future use of this component. It will certainly be the Kaiser of audio... ;)