mandag den 12. oktober 2009

Pictures from an exhibition. (Audio Fest 2009)

Our contribution to the room, which was setup 2 minutes after gaining access to the room. It's so great to be a parts supplier... :)

From left to right we have: A CAST 630v capacitor, a CAST resistor, normal resistor, some 2.0 silver/silk cabling, our multicap for speaker design handling all values between 0.5-20 µF, a CAST paper in oil inductor, a 75 µF VSF alu capacitor and a 27 µF VSF copper cap.

Setting up the day before the show. Featured in the shot is Kerem Kücükaslan of Absolare/Echole Cables, Norbert Mundorf of Mundorf and Rainer Weber of Kaiser Acoustics.

Fred Manheck, North American dealer of the Kawero! loudspeaker playing the air violin... I guess.

I'm not quite sure, what I'm doing in this shot. It's probably important, though!

As you can clearly see, I'm pointing out the way for the others to follow. As you know, it is the generals who win the war. ;)

Mr. Kücükaslan installing the tubes in the Topline Audio modified Mastersound amplifier. Notice the gloves. The midrange presentation of this amplifier is "to die for".

The Kawero! in all it's reflective glory. How to get such an exquisite surface you might ask?

This is how. Mr. Weber seemed very skilled. As if he might have done the procedure before.

The finished system: Kaiser Kawero! loudspeakers, Echole cabling, Topline Audio Mastersound amplifiers, Absolare preamp, GTE Trinity DAC, Bybee power filter, Weiss Firewire Digital - Digital converter. And a laptop functioning as a music server.

If you look to the left you can see a small sign, which reads This Loudspeaker features premium Duelund components.

This is no idle boast, as the Kawero! is filled to the brim with Duelund CAST capacitors and inductors.

When audio luminaries such as John Curl, Jack Bybee and Clement Perry of are still in your room 3 hours after shutdown, you know the sound is more than acceptable. :)

Stereotimes' review of the room:

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