tirsdag den 24. november 2009

Customer feedback

Dear Frederik,

Duelund Coherent Audio’s cast capacitors are superb. They do it all and they do it so amazingly well you’ll wonder why and how you’ve been listening to anything else. I’ve listened to the Mundorf Supreme and the Intertechnik Audyn Cap and that’s just it I listened to them. The Cast Capacitors from Duelund simply disappear, what I hear now are instruments and voices unleashed and untamed, each filled with their own natural beauty and distinct presence.

Humble Homemade Hi-fi has rated the Mundorf’s and the Intertechnik’s at 9 and the Duelunds at 14. I would say it’s more like a 7 for the first two, with a very significant jump to 21 for the Duelund’s. The truth is the Duelund’s are the only ones I’ve heard that are truly getting out of the way of the music, allowing for glorious highs, where notes hang like there being delivered from the heavens.

Outstanding job creating these magnificent works of art.

My gratitude to you all.


Andrew P. Carey

If this doesn't make your day... ;)

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