torsdag den 24. marts 2011

Alexander by Duelund

We are rolling out a completely new type of product for Duelund these coming days.
Alexander by Duelund.
Investments in larger production machinery have made it possible to do larger series of Duelund quality capacitors, at much lower cost than previously possible. The upshot is, that we may now offer 100 pcs series of Duelund pure copper foil / paper in oil caps in smaller values operational at 900v for prices far below our handmade VSF and CAST series. As always, the inside of the cap itself contains no plastic what so ever.
Pictures should follow soon.
These capacitors are specifically intended for use in electronics. But if value permits, may function equally well in loudspeakers.

So please start pestering you dealer for these. :)
Best regards,
Frederik Carøe
The Mad Capper
Duelund Coherent Audio

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