torsdag den 17. september 2009

How it all began…

Not so long ago in a small country above Germany below Norway and Sweden.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to use my first posts to tell you how everything got started with regards to our small enterprise Duelund Coherent Audio.

11 years ago I had just begun my education at the University of Copenhagen. Since most classes take place in large auditoriums with a professor doing a solo performance with very little actual involvement of the students other than the gratuitous taking of notes, this provided me with ample time to visually eat up the many glittering audio ‘zines I brought with me.

As most of you will recognise reading audio magazines is not a means to an end. Rather, it results in you endlessly roaming High End shops, shows and the home of fellow aficionados for that next upgrade, improvement or even sidestep you could provide your system that day.

Audiophilia Nervosa was flowing through my veins and I was doing my best to feed it.

I will not bore you with details about my system at the time. Suffice it to say, that I had amassed quite a few of the “expensive” usual suspects in my living room, to the mutual chagrin of both my girlfriend (now wife) and my bank.

As is prevalent in life you seek out the ones who are afflicted with the same interests as yourself. My partner in crime is a childhood friend. For ease of writing we’ll call him M in this post. I no longer remember who of us actually introduced the world of audiophilia to the other, but knowing us both we’re probably equally culpable.

Spending a lot of time discussing on various audio boards that were popping up all over the net. One day I stumbled upon a newsgroup called dk.teknik.lyd ( Here, a fiercely argumentative poster called Steen Duelund was doing the rounds. Reading the heated debates, I wasn’t really able to supply much to the discussions, but did learn that Steen was involved with something called the Copenhagen Audio Society, so I wrote him asking if I could simply show up at a meeting. Within 5 minutes he called me…

End of part one

Frederik Carøe


Duelund Coherent Audio

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