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Part 2 of "How it all began"

Part 1 was published September 17th. So please scroll down in case you missed it.

"What's your story?" Steen demanded... I replied, I had seen his writings on the net and was quickly stopped by the question "How old are you?". "20". Steen found this to be impossible seeing as my voice was much to deep for a 20 year old, which he explained to me in greaaaaat technical detail for a good 45 minutes...

As we (Steen) eventually reached the compromise, that my parents were probably keeping something from me, and I was at least 10 years older than I thought, I got to ask if it was possible to show up for a meeting in the audio society, "Sure! Come by my workshop Thursday at 7 pm".

When Thursday came I convinced a friend to accompany me, telling him they would probably have some High End system there, we could listen to. What eventually transpired turned out to be quite different.

The date was December 13th, and it was freezing. When we got to the address, there was no name on the door just 7 steps down to an entrance to a cellar, with a sign saying OPEN. Inside, the room was pitch dark except for a small line of light coming out from a door slightly ajar placed diagonally to our left.

Opening the door I looked into a basement like room about 40 m2 in size with a ceiling so low I had to slightly bow (I'm 198 cm), the space was filled to the brim with weird machinery old audio apparati, loudspeakers, capacitors, inductors, resistors and drive units from Scan Speak, Peerless, Vifa, Lowther etc. etc. Inside, a rather husky Santa Claus dressed in blue overalls looked directly at me. Stating my name blue Santa Claus remarked he could easily recognise my voice confirming him as Steen Duelund.

End of part 2

Frederik Carøe
Duelund Coherent Audio

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